Its a HEART issue

Proverbs 4:23 – Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

This Sunday (March 29th 2015) my Pastor ministered a piercing Word that really opens our eyes to life and how to deal with circumstance.  I had to steal the idea and write about it. e  stressful moments.

In every ones life there are things to overcome and problems we all face.  How we deal with these makes or breaks us most of the time.  The condition of our heart is the driving factor on how to deal with these stresses.  What P Daniel shared and taught us was that “The heart regulates the hands”.  This is a key to understanding our decisions and directions we travel in our everyday walk.

Our hand not only gives but receives as well. We give time, money, forgiveness, effort and many other things.  When someone lashes out what do we give back? A gentle response or a harsh word that hurts.  These are seeds we sow that will return and cause more or less havoc for ourselves.

The condition of our heart is not only vital to how we look at others but how we see ourselves as well.  Often times we can’t or don’t forgive ourselves  or give ourselves mercy in areas we fail at.   You have heard the term, “I am my worst critic”, and this statement is so often true because we brutalize ourselves with unkingly words and thoughts that destroy the “issues of life”

So to change these habits it takes something we all must do, Complete devotion.  Life Pastor Daniel said, “Complete devotion to God brings great generosity”.   When we sell out to the Lord Jesus we take on His thoughts for ourselves and start being generous in EVERY area…. Change, its what we all need to go through every day.

Be Blessed! – Brian


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